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#AE3. Performance without compromise…

As opposed to traditional designs, the simplicity form of the Aeratron #AE3 is equipped with the utility purpose of promoting general well being through the creation of natural rhythmic wind patterns in maintaining serenity in homes and offices, that you deserve.


Harnessing the synergy of aeronautical and mechanical engineering through years of research and development, an award winning design communicates our direction of delivering a product that contributes, coexists with the goal of environmental sustainability.


A highly efficient aero drag reduction brushless motor of less than 25W empowers state of the art bio engineered aerafoils across six progressive preset natural wind modes to satisfy your desire of natural cross ventilation with minimal noise generation.


- Aerahaus. Efficiency with performance in mind.

#AE3. Saving more with less…

The #AE3’s electronically limited range of six speeds is mechanically engineered with a low consumption drag reduction brushless motor of <25W in comparison with conventional fans consuming an average of  30 - 90W.


Working in harmony with its evenly weighed lightweight aerafoils construction right out of the box, a natural consistent air flow movement is being generated, corresponding to a high ventilation low speed (HVLS) concept minimising wind noise while maintaining optimum air distribution in comparison with its counterparts.


- Aerahaus. Saving energy and beyond.

#AE3. Cooling more than your space…

Cfm, cubic foot per meter, is dependent on the inter relationship between the volume of wind being generated and the space in which the air is being moved in

-The stronger the breeze, the higher the CFM level.


The Aeratron #AE3 surpasses Energy Star efficiency ratings of up to 30% increased volumetric wind distribution, crediting it as the most efficient ceiling fan in terms of its power efficiency ratio.


This enables you to save more, with less energy consumption with an award winning fusion of bio-engineered aerafoils coupled with an aero drag reduction system allowing effortless rotations.


- Aerahaus. Cooling more with less energy.

#AE3. Energy efficient above every unit…

Cfm/watt is defined as the amount of energy efficiency you can expect a ceiling fan to achieve in natural air ventilation within a confined space. - The higher the more efficient.


Recognized by Energy Star 2015, the #AE3 serves as a symbol of environmental sustainability through energy efficiency operations,  together with the practices of utilizing low waste production, eco- packaging and carbon offset projects from start to finish.


Each process throughout its lifecycle is carefully planned to minimize its environmental footprint in an effort to building a sustainable environment for our future.


- Aerahaus. Converting commercial, residential projects with efficiency.

#AE3. Silence is an understatement…

Engineered with the core aspect of silent efficiency,  The #AE3 is coupled with the vision of healthier living by aero engineering a consistent flow of natural air circulation while providing serenity into commercial, residential projects.


Accredited towards the synergy of an optimally balanced aerodynamic form , patent self balancing system, and incorporated winglets design, silent efficiency is achieved with respect to providing natural wind breezes sensitive to touch, rather than generated wind noise.

Operating within a range of less than <40db in comparison with its counterparts >60db, The #AE3 promotes serenity, towards homes and offices with less distractions for you and your family.


- Aerahaus. Providing serenity and comfort in every way.


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