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#AE3. The benchmark of Silent Efficiency…

As a fan spins with increased velocity, the traditionally design of an offset blade arrangement creates significant amounts of unnecessary wind drag resulting in the creation of vortices that counteracts against the flow of a natural wind draft pattern.


This in turn creates a higher wind load density on the overall structure over time amounting to excessive vibrations and wind noise that affects the acoustics quality of an environment. 


In turn, energy efficiency of a fan is also compromised as vortex air columns, caused by intermittent wind drag, often results in improper power to weight distribution within a fan during operation at high speeds, causing the phenomenon of a wobbling fan.


The all new Aeratron #AE3 is set to revolutionise your perception, by ensuring consistent silent operation with the practicality of healthy air movement that ensures energy savings of up to 70 percent in a space with, or without the use of existing heating and cooling systems...

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Aerahaus, Silent Efficiency of fans, for fans.

Self Balancing (RCS). Silent Efficiency for lesser distractions…

The #AE3 is powered by an energy saving drag reduction brushless motor, and self balancing rotor coupling system (RCS). Thus, it is able to eliminate unnecessary vibrations, wobblings, by keeping its evenly weighed form in consistent aerodynamic equilibrium. 


This minimises the ratio of power, torque loss increasing both efficiency and long term

reliability without relying on external balancing kits, improving the smooth delivery of a natural wind momentum thus achieving silent efficiency within your living space.


As a result, you and your family, can benefit from increased well being and less distraction. 

Aerahaus, Reducing every decibel for your comfort.

Winglets. Effortless operation reducing every decibel…

Similar to how long periods of flight is sustained with the use aerodynamic organically shaped contours. The Aeratron #AE3 is genetically engineered with winglets to reflect the ability of a bird to glide effortlessly during flight over long distances by minimizing air resistance.


Fundamentally minimising vortexes and wind noise, these winglets optimise structural

flexibility while promoting the flow of natural cross ventilation patterns during operation

across its six speeds of control, regardless of whether in homes, cafes, office spaces.


In cohesion with a self balancing rotor coupling system, these revolutionary winglets concept further enhance silent operation, providing a comfortable environment for your and your family.


Aerahaus, Designed from flight, for flight.

 The Solution to Sustainablity without a sound. 

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Aerafoils. Wind just right for everyone.

Experimenting with over 50 iterations of 1:10 models, engineers from renowned organizations in the field of professional aeronautics expertise, such as Airbus Europe, focused on maximizing airflow with the use of aerafoils, to obtain an optimum rate of wind generation within a space.


Evident in the development of organic three dimensional aerafoils, smooth contours running across every millimeter of its form signifies a marque of technology achievement of its' ability to minimize air resistance while being able to maintain a state of equilibrium across its range of six speeds in both forward and reverse directions reducing energy consumption.


This ensures consistent silent operation with the practicality of healthy air movement equipped with greater energy efficiency that ensures savings of up to 60 percent in a space with, or without the use of existing heating and cooling systems.


Aerahaus, The solution to sustainability without a sound.

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