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Ceiling fans that wobble? Not with the #AE3…

For many years, the conventional ceiling fan have been driven by the core need of providing

ventilation in a space. Limited by the technology of either plywood printing or metal

fabrication of fixed angle off set blade arrangements, they were never really designed to

operate in silence or efficiency.


Rather, they were equipped with bulky induction AC motors regulated at high speed intervals

typically causing the scenario of flying documents on a work desk, the occasional intermittent

ticks and electrical hums caused by material vibrations, combined with dubious beliefs of a

quick fix through the use of expensive balancing kits.


- Yes. We do know what you’ve been experiencing. And its time to change all of that with your


#AE3. A natural balancing act…

Borne through years of professional expertise from mechanical, automotive engineers, the #AE3’s aero engineered design eliminates unnecessary vibrations, wobblings, by keeping its evenly weighed form in consistent aerodynamic equilibrium during operation.


A suspended patent mechanism minimises the ratio of power, torque loss from excess equipment weight eliminating the need for costly balancing kits.


As a result, a natural balancing act is achieved through the synergy of electronically limited natural wind preset modes with the inertia stability of a free rotating form, ensuring higher energy efficiency and reliability in contrast to conventional ceiling fans over the long run.


- Aerahaus. Weighing the balance of serenity for your comfort.

A revolutionary design to create a class of its own…

To inspire the worlds most eco efficient ceiling fan with a balanced focus of simplicity,

aesthetics, and practicality, the #AE3 was developed by experimenting with over 50

iterations of 1:10 models.


Engineers included in the field of professional aeronautics expertise, such as Airbus Europe,

focused on maximizing airflow with the use of aerafoils, to obtain an optimum rate of wind

generation within a space using the #AE3.


Concurrently, mechanical engineers worked with the precision of ensuring an optimum

speed of operation with the aim of overcoming air pressure surface friction, aero drag, to

increase efficiency with the lowest energy consumption motor drive within its class certified

by the Energy Star Authority.


The result? A stunning compilation of aeronautics, mechanical engineering reflected into one

single product meant for environmental sustainability displayed before you.

- Aerahaus - A comfortable way to a sustainable future.

Contributing towards healthy living across every size…

You may or may not feel it, but areas of air conditioned, or confined spaces are often prone to a

slower air exchange rate contributing to moist and stagnant air spots creating a habitat for bacteria and fungi to thrive in increasing chances of SIDS in newborns and sick buildings in offices.

A good example is situated within our very own homes, store rooms that we store all our bulk as well as study and play rooms within the house that we relax and enjoy in.

Therefore, to provide greater comfort and well being, The #AE3 was created with a range of 43”, 50” 60” inches to fit downsized rooms of SOHO apartments, and confined spaces that often require a higher quality of air movement in comparison with larger spaces that are often preventilated with expensive air conditioning systems.

- Aerahaus. The Wait is over. Live healthier with the #AE3 today.

Timeless shades for beauty and beyond…

Comprising of a combination of ultra lightweight aluminum and flexible ABS composites,

The #AE3 is designed to be environmentally responsible evident in the choice of its core

element used- Al, to its final recyclable packaging and shipment.

Available in three different tones, the #AE3’s statement of eco commitment towards a

minimalist, simplistic design blends into most modernistic architecture with style while

providing the versatility purpose of ventilation no matter the environment.

- Aerahaus. Blending the nature of beauty with primary colors.

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