Established in 2012, Aerahaus Fans has evolved as an aeronautics, mechanical research and technology entity specialising in distributing energy efficient ceiling fans in Singapore, such as the Aeratron #AE3, characterised by swiss design, and german precision engineering expertise.

Comprising a fusion of aero kinetics engineering and industrial mechanical design, Aerahaus Fans symbolises the iconic inspiration of aeronautical engineers focused on one specific goal,

“To spread, educate the importance of global sustainability by providing energy efficient living solutions to every individual.”

We are focused on developing and providing energy efficient ventilation solutions to suit commercial, domestic and industrial applications in an increasingly fragile environment characterised by pollution and global warming,

Thus, we aim to enhance every individual's well being by contributing and providing a natural consistent circulation airflow enhancing comfort within your living space, while working towards the equation of global sustainability.


Aerahaus Fans is the only official exclusive distributor for Aeratron Pty Ltd in Singapore distributing energy efficient ventilation ceiling fan solutions for architects, designers, (B2B) to various business, home owners (B2C), providing a comprehensive warranty coverage across every transaction.


For more enquires, please contact us at and we will be more than pleased to be of your assistance.


Yours Sincerely,


The Aerahaus Team