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A heritage of love hate relationship of fans…

Lets face it. Traditional ceiling fans of various classic designs may be nice to look at - as heritage pieces, but their analogue mechanical design often results in wind breezes that are either too strong, - blown napkins off the table, or too soft, - whereas they are left as antique displays.


This is due to the application of backdated, cheap manufacturing practices, relying on analogue regulators, traditional fixed angle blade designs, resulting in an inferior product that often leaves you wondering if you have made a right choice.


- Yes.  We understand your woes…

Redefining Fans, for fans…

Aero-engineered to fit the ergonomics of home and commercial living spaces, the all new Aeratron #AE3, distributed by Aerahaus Fans, communicates a minimalist simplistic design that integrates seamlessly into ceilings without losing its functionality of wind circulation in your space.


-You read it right. We are taking the hate out of the equation.

Inspiration der aero-technik…

Comprising a fusion of aero kinetics engineering and industrial mechanical design, Aerahaus Fans symbolises the iconic inspiration of aeronautical engineers focused on one specific goal, to provide the world with environmental efficient living solutions using the fundamentals of precision engineering expertise.


Focused on three main aspects of simplicity, functionality and aesthetics, we aim to provide the practicality of healthy air circulation within your personal space while meeting aesthetic demands.


-Aerahaus. Aerotechnik-Fans.

Simplicity. Features are often an understatement…

The #AE3’s artistic natural organic form, is aero engineered with a patent self balanced coupling system, equipped with lightweight aerafoils, winglets moving across six progressive preset natural wind modes through an energy efficient drive reduction system. #ecodrive

Corresponding towards natural cross ventilation capabilities, wind turbulence is reduced, eliminating unnecessary clicks and wind noise disrupting the serenity of your living space allowing you to live, work better.

- Aerahaus. A lightweight concept borrowed from flight, for flight.

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Aesthetics. Designed for sustainability in, out of every curve…

An award winning design integrating the technology of precision engineering and the beauty of an organic design form undermines the creation of the all new Aeratron #AE3.


Internally aerodynamically shaped contours evokes style and energy signatures, while a commitment to build a sustainable environment is recognised externally in lightweight material choice, Al, and recyclable packaging.


Timeless colour shades, and adaptability of sizes, measuring from 43, 50, 60 inches blends into modernistic architecture with the versatility of ventilation together with the reflection of an artistic form.


-Aerahaus. Expressive creativity of eco sustainability.

Practicality. Swiss-German Engineered for sustainability...

Utilising an unprecedented feat of swiss german engineering, the Aerahaus team aims to deliver higher well-being value, providing opportunities for every individual to play a part in nurturing the environment.

With the all new Aeratron #AE3’s drive reduction capabilities and aerodynamic form, an optimum power to weight ratio reduces wind turbulence, increasing inertia momentum stability equating to >70% energy savings accredited by Energy Star 2015.

-Most energy efficient within its class.


Unique cross ventilation wind generation further reduces the effects of SIDS in households and Sick Building Syndromes in industrial buildings.

- Aerahaus. A healthier future for a better you.

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